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A Touch of Understanding, Inc.  Spirit of Inclusion Workshop

The Spirit of Inclusion Workshop (SOI) provides  a valuable springboard for discussions of respect, empathy and acceptance.  The experience can be used as a foundation for other activities such as team building and character development.

SOI is based on our successful workshop that has been presented to more than 84,000 participants in the Greater Sacramento area and beyond.  Participants have ranged in age from preschoolers to adults.

The workshop gives participants a glimpse into the life of someone with a disability. In addition to disability etiquette training, participants become familiar with the tools associated with disabilities. Hands on exercises include using wheelchairs, handling a variety of braces and artificial limbs, using white mobility canes and become familiar with assistive technology for the blind.  Individuals with disabilities relate stories about their challenges and what approaches and tools have been helpful to them, in life and in the workplace.

Workshop objectives:

 Minimize the discrimination and misunderstanding experienced by people with disabilities.

  • Understand that stereotypes, myths and misconceptions can contribute to the non-physical barriers between those with disabilities and those without.
  • Learn the appropriate disability etiquette which will enable participants to comfortably interact with those who have a disability.
  • Identify and understand tools and assistive technology used by those who have a disability.
  • Increase awareness of participants to the accessibility issues that face people with disabilities

Highlighted Disabilities:

Deafness, blindness, autism, missing extremities, partial and complete paralysis, convulsive disorders, intellectual disabilities, and mental illness