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ATOU recently learned that we have been selected by the St. Joseph Marello Knights of Columbus to be this year’s recipient of the proceeds they raise from a partnership agreement they recently entered into with BloodSource (the region’s non-profit blood bank) to recruit family and friends to become “automated” blood donors.

Automated blood donation refers to the process of collecting blood components on safe, modern equipment.  A single needle is inserted into a donor’s arm, blood is drawn out, circulated through an apheresis machine that separates and collects the desired component, and the unused components are returned to the donor’s bloodstream.  It’s no different than donating whole blood, except that it takes a while longer, typically 30-40 minutes to collect the component (one and a half to two hours overall).  And it offers several advantages, including being able to collect a greater volume of a specific blood component.  Automated donations can also be made more often (e.g. up to 24 times per year for platelets vs. 6 times per year for whole blood).

The St. Joseph Marello Knights are soliciting individuals willing and able to make recurring, automated blood donations and organizing them into a donor “club”.  Using the St. Joseph Knight’s donor club number (#M336), BloodSource will track the number of times that members donate plasma or other blood components and at end of the year make a financial donation based on the total number of cumulative blood donations (e.g. $1,500 for 250 donations, $2,000 for 500 donations, etc.).  All such proceeds will be contributed to ATOU.

If you are willing and able to become an automated blood donor, the St. Joseph Knights are requesting that you fill out the attached form and send it in to them.  They will register you in their donor club, noting your association with ATOU, and then forward your name and contact details to BloodSource.  In addition to asking for your contact information, the form asks your permission for a BloodSource representative to contact you to discuss your becoming an automated donor and hopefully to sign you up for your first appointment.

Please complete the following attachment:

Blood Source Form




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